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1: Obligatory question – Who's your favourite character?

Hmmmmmmm.... Erlina is an easy pick, but I have developed a soft spot for Sara as a character. It's an interesting dynamic. I think she Cersei'd it up at the end of the first book, though, but I don't think it makes the character any worse. I still think she's a biatch, but she brings something to the table the other characters don't.

2: Your least favourite character?  (I still may regret this...)

I, uh, ummm.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Alucard. 

3: If you found an Otherworld door where would you like it to lead to?

A lush tropical island on Calypso with friendly native vegetarian mermaids.

4: Where would you NOT like it to lead to?

wild realm probably

5:  Would you rather work at Rent-A-Legend for Sara or would you rather work in Fairyland for Tyrian?  Or perhaps you'd rather work for Hugo on his ship?  Reason?

Oh rent a legend for sure. Sheesh. No contest.

6: What job would you have?

Wise wanderer probably. But not a mentor. mentors always die.

7: Do you ship anyone?

depends on a: do I have a ship
                b: are they going anywhere sensibe

8:  Who's your favourite Stollenheim?  Why?

Johann, I suppose. He seems like a cool cat and upstanding guy. I consider him the only Stollenheim that would actively avoid getting in trouble.

9: Would you spend the night in the same spooky castle with them though?

Yeah, probably!

10: Tyrian follows you home and you aren't even Lucinda.  What do you do?

Call the cops. ASAP. Grab a knife. 

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I am fond of British people reviewing tat. I am, in fact, a person in Britain who sometimes review tat at

I don't know why I comment on youtubes. I always end up riling someone up by saying things like "tinned pineapple is is okay".
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